Bill creates Food photography art. Fine Art Photography is one of Bill's greatest passions. He is involved with two new projects. First, his food mash up art pieces project, an homage to Jackson Pollock, are large scale art installations that can be custom made for brands. At home at both home or in a corporate setting, the pieces are sized from 55" x 45" and up. The perfect deconstruction of the food photographer Bill takes this work very seriously. Pieces are either themed with particular types of food or entirely color based. His ground braking process allows an art piece to be created and destroyed at the same time. SInce he works with food, the photograph is the only record of the art which immediately transforms until it is rendered unworkable. As he builds each piece there is a tipping point when the art is no more and is disposed of.
His second new series is based on gummy bears. He creates contemporary art, ancient tribal art and surreal images based on gummy bears and their unique geometry. Creating ancient patterns with a modern twist. The entire universe can exist in a gummy bear if you have the imagination.
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